Act, sing and do modeling for page covers and many more in the game of Star Girl


The game of Star Girl has come up to cater the need to young girls and those who are more interested in the acting, singing and modeling career. Here they have chances to make their dream come true with the help of this game they can avail all the luxurious facilities which are mostly enjoyed by the celebrities and stars of the world.

For such players there is a tool to avail all the necessary things of the game to make it more interested that is Star Girl Hack.

Features of Star Girl game

  • The game has many advance features which attract the player to spend their free time and indulge in the activities which make them happy. These are below mentioned:
    • No need to start the game from very beginning, as player can start it from anywhere to enjoy.
    • Take part in competitions of beauty and show off talent of singing, modeling or acting to the world and be a role star model of the thousands of girls all over the world.
    • Go on date, do flirt and meet with the famous and popular icon of fashion industry.
    • Work as actress, singer, or model to win name and fame with lots of awards of the world.
    • Join and add more stylish friends and persons in the list of good book.
    • Buy and enjoy more than 500 clothes, makeup and accessories.
    • Be a person who set trends for other girls to follow.

Avail the shopping facility of the game

Girl players of this game can also able to avail all the shopping facilities of the game with the help of Star Girl Hack and by completing everyday’s tasks.