As you are going to play the FPS game, then you will really get happy after hearing that the game comes with great features that will really be made you happy. In short, people are getting engaged with a game in which they will find lots of amazing weapons like sniper and assault rifles. Forward Assault is a game that gives the opportunity to the player to experience PvP shooter gameplay in Modern survival war. FPS survival game, Intensive action, and mind-blowing simulator which will take give you amazing action so get ready to survive in the game. Now you can check out smart features of the Forward Assault.

Advanced Features of the game

If we are talking about the main online FPS features of Forward Assault then players will find impressive online multiplayer FPS gameplay. Here are some great features of the game-

  1. Let me commence with the incredible graphics and sounds which are really amazing in the games so you must take its advantages.
  2. Real physics and great effects that you will find in the game get ready to experience the thrill.
  3. Even in this online multiplayer FPS game, players can easily play against the enemies and learn how to make different shots with various weapons.
  4. As it is a best PvP shooter Simulator so now you will learn how to use different kinds of weapons such as sniper, shotguns, rifle, Assault rifles and many other powerful weapons.
  5. You can easily choose your side where you can be with the good cops and combat terrorists attacks or also the international criminal actions.

Moreover, we have checked whole great features regarding the game, so get ready to play the game with these amazing weapons. Instead of this, there are some players who are confused about the gameplay, but after check out the tutorial, they will come to know about the use of weapons as well as techniques to survive.

Modern survival war

In the FPS survival game, players will find the intensive action as well as get the chance to understand the best use of weapons because it is the simulator game. In short, you will run, hide, distract, aim, shoot, and kill the enemies.



The game of Star Girl has come up to cater the need to young girls and those who are more interested in the acting, singing and modeling career. Here they have chances to make their dream come true with the help of this game they can avail all the luxurious facilities which are mostly enjoyed by the celebrities and stars of the world.

For such players there is a tool to avail all the necessary things of the game to make it more interested that is Star Girl Hack.

Features of Star Girl game

  • The game has many advance features which attract the player to spend their free time and indulge in the activities which make them happy. These are below mentioned:
    • No need to start the game from very beginning, as player can start it from anywhere to enjoy.
    • Take part in competitions of beauty and show off talent of singing, modeling or acting to the world and be a role star model of the thousands of girls all over the world.
    • Go on date, do flirt and meet with the famous and popular icon of fashion industry.
    • Work as actress, singer, or model to win name and fame with lots of awards of the world.
    • Join and add more stylish friends and persons in the list of good book.
    • Buy and enjoy more than 500 clothes, makeup and accessories.
    • Be a person who set trends for other girls to follow.

Avail the shopping facility of the game

Girl players of this game can also able to avail all the shopping facilities of the game with the help of Star Girl Hack and by completing everyday’s tasks.


Well, the game about which you are discussing here is the most-wanted simulation based game. It spread all parts of the world and played by almost 5 million players all across the world. Therefore, the name of the same game is My Story: Choose Your Own Path, and its size is near about 100 MB. In it, players have to live their own life by creating their character, or you can say by creating their own story. They have to make a good or fantastic story so as to go far in My Story: Choose Your Own Path easily.

Now the main thing is that players of My Story: Choose Your Own Path has to earn in-game currency in big amount so as to play the game without facing any difficulty. Below are the two main types of in-game currency given which is present in My Story: Choose Your Own Path and about them every single player should know –

  1. Diamonds – It is the major or you can say primary currency in My Story: Choose Your Own Path. Players have to perform all tasks and activities accordingly so that they easily earn a good amount of diamonds in it.
  2. Tickets – The second type of in-game currency in the game is tickets, and these are also necessary to earn in a good amount. The tickets are used to perform several important tasks and activities in My Story: Choose Your Own Path.

So, these are the main two types of currency present in the game. Players have to try their best to earn the in-game currency in a good amount as to do everything which is important in My Story: Choose Your Own Path.


In a nutshell, it is also essential for the games that they can do anything in it by using the My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats. Yes, it is right via the cheats players easily earn tickets and diamond in excess amount and also all other crucial things also which they require in My Story: Choose Your Own Path.


PUBG Mobile is the game for which people and individuals from all around the waiting for. It spreads in all parts of the world like fire. People in huge quantity love to play the PUBG Mobile. They play the same game more and more time every single day. They can easily download the game from Play Store as well as from the Apple Store. In Android devices, the size of the game is near about 2 GB, and in IOS its size is almost 3 GB.

In the same game, there are 100 players can land together in a single match and then they have to together with each other to become the winner of the game. Not only is this, in PUBG Mobile players are free to play any type of mode in it. There are almost three modes present, and those are a classic mode, event mode and one another mode also.

Focus on the game tutorial

Well, in the starting of the game players have to learn or you can say understand the game tutorial properly. They have to each and everything about the gameplay and also all major things that relate to the game also. Knowing the game tutorial properly helps people in playing the same game easier than before, and it also tells everything about in-game currency to its players.

One most important thing which gamers of PUBG Mobile should know is that they simply get anything in the game by applying the PUBG Mobile Cheats in it. Moreover, they also earn currency rewards and weapons also by simply using the game cheats in PUBG Mobile. The more and more players make use of PUBG Mobile, the easier it becomes for them to deal with the entire gameplay. So, making the use of cheats is a better option to go through.



Have you ever heard of SimCity BuildIt? It is the best option person can get if he wants to play a simulation game in his free time and live his dream as well. There are a huge number of games in the market, but stimulation games are trending. This is the reason SimCity BuildIt is really demanded a lot.

Different types of currency

We all know there are a huge number of things which altogether makes the game a fun activity as a whole. One of these things is the currency used in the game to buy some things and play the game easily. In SimCity BuildIt there are three types of currencies used to play. Here are some details about all of them.

  • SimCash
  • Simoleons
  • Golden keys

If you want to play SimCity BuildIt and keep developing then make sure you have all these currencies as they are required in the game. Let us talk about them in detail.

  • SimCash

SimCash is the primary currency of the game which a user needs at every level of the game. We all are well aware of the fact that the primary currency is really needed in every situation of the game. So the user needs to make sure they have the required amount of SimCash to play the game in the right and the best manner.

  • Simoleons

Simoleons are the premium currency of the game which is earned as a reward by completing a mission or in daily bonus. The best thing about Simoleons is if you are short of SimCash then you can convert Simoleons into SimCash and play the game easily. It is really helpful at the time of need also SimCity BuildIt Cheats.

  • Golden keys

Golden keys are the most important and premium currency of SimCity BuildIt. This is really helpful while playing the game to unlock a huge number of things.

Would you like to play games? If yes then here today we come with a casual game Homescapes. It is recently launched by Playrix Games with lots of incredible features. On both IOS and Android device it free to play but some items are purchasable. In it various kinds of things like Match, Design and much more. If you are like to play simulation game then must download it.

Attractive things-

In every game features play an important role in the popularity. Those things are attractive the people to play the game. As per in Homescapes various kinds of things are available which make it popular. If you are a new player and want to know about those things then must read it.

  1. Missions-

The missions are count in the best feature. As per in it lots of beautiful and interesting tasks are available. With the help of missions, you are able to obtain the rewards and earn some currencies. You can also unlock the lots of things with the help of missions. These missions make it enjoyable and exciting. If you want the missions be easy and by getting more currencies try Homescapes Hack.

  1. Give design to home-

In it, you should give deign to your home as you want. Different design types are available in it which make your home beautiful. Make your home unique to show your friends and earn some points.

  1. Characters-

Many types of characters are available in it. Austin is the main character of Homescapes to play all activates. With the help of it, you can complete the missions and earn some rewards. A cute cat is also present in it which enhances your performance.

  1. Play with friends-

It is count in the best feature of the Homescapes. In the game, you are able to play with friends. With the help of Facebook, you can make it possible. If you invite the friends with a link, then you will get extra gifts. It is also useful to save your game automatically.

  1. Graphics-

The game is launched with high graphics. With the help of graphics, you can experience the real creativity world. It makes the game more interesting and exacting. It is also a good part of the attractive features.

  1. Platform for skills-

It is the best platform to show your decorating and furnishing skills. Homescapes is also helpful to enchase your skills. Lots of missions and events make your performance better and improve your skills.





The currencies are the essential part of every game. As per in Creative Destruction the currencies are useful. With the help of currencies, you can update the weapons and player skill. If you want to dress up the avatar and customize the avatar, then coins are must require. To obtain the coins very hard but some ways are available to make it possible. If you want to get information about those ways, then read the article.

Types of currencies-

In it many types of currencies are available. Each coin is useful to survive into the game. The main three types of currencies are present. Now we talk about those currencies and way to get free currencies by using Creative Destruction Cheats and will have more currencies for free.

  1. Gold Coins
  2. Star Coins
  3. Diamonds

These all are the kinds of currencies Creative Destruction.

How to obtain free-

In the game to earn currencies very hard but here we tell you some important tactics to improve your performance.

  1. Daily Challenges-

It is the best way to earn currencies in daily routine. In the game, many daily challenges are available to earn currencies. When you complete the missions, then you will get some rewards as the coins and a lot of things. It is also the easiest way to get free gold. Complete the daily challenges and earn the free currencies.

  1. Login Daily-

This is another the best and easiest way to gain free coins. When you log in to the game on a daily basis then you will receive the free rewards. It will the auto-receive in 24 hours, but login is must require to get it. Don’t miss the chance and get the open the game on a daily basis.

  1. Missions-

Missions are also the excellent source to get free coins. In it lots of modes are available, and in the modes many missions are available. Complete the tasks and the rewards as the coins.

  1. Social site-

The social site is one of the top ways to obtain free coins. When you start the game, then you have a choice to log in with Facebook and play as the guest. At that time you should select the social site option because via this you will receive a certain amount of money. So it is the superior way to get free coins.

  1. Team Work-

You know that in it you can make your team. When you make your team and go on surviving, then you receive the free coins.




















































How to get Cooking Fever resources


Below are a few hints and tricks to Cooking Fever assist to earn sense of this all and obtain in advance. All these Cooking Fever ideas could be upgraded everyday so returnagain. Things are sometimes a bit demanding for new players specially if most of stats have been listed and also displayed publicly.

Two or three amounts in to enjoying Cooking Fever, you are Given a Chance to Begin updating your kitchen gear with money you have generated of winning and playing levels.Your Kitchen Area updates essentially Arrive in such kinds:

Elevated cooking potential. After you start outside, you are ready to cook 1 hamburger at one moment, assemble 1 hamburger at one moment, also receive 1 cola in one moment. However, using up-grades, you are in a position to cook a number of hamburgers, possess numerous cooking channels, added colas at the same time, as well as heating plates therefore that you may cook in progress and construct afterwards.

Greater selling price. Perhaps not exactly as easy, but nonetheless crucial. Consider it as going from routine cornfed steak to grass-fed and cooking fever hack into Snake River Kobe steak onto your own hamburgers. You may subsequently market each and every item to get longer and earn a lot more money!

Along with a own kitchen updates, you Are Also Going to Be in a Position to update the Cafe itself together with a few of the next advantages:

Higher wait period. Your web visitors will probably be more individual and much more immune to strolling off because you toil supporting the counter to construct their purchase accurately.

Greater hint timing. Your web visitors will probably undoubtedly be more amenable with hints and far more pliable once you have an additional instant to send their hamburger or cola.

Increased clients. Is your game overly simple for you personally and also you wish you’d more clients? You can accomplish this overly by updating your cafe. Simply do not blame me once you are ripping out your hair in annoyance.

Thank you for studying. Please make an opinion inside the portion under in the event cooking fever cheats that you might have some issue or any such thing that you desire to state.